‘Wei Ye Oteng Is An Outmoded Promoter’ – Mr. Logic Fires

‘Wei Ye Oteng Is An Outmoded Promoter’ – Mr. Logic Fires

Ghanaian entertainment critic, Mr. Logic has sent out some unpleasant words toward Ghanaian music executive, Wei Ye Oteng.



Mr. Logic sent out these words in a recent submission on the popular Ghanaian radio station, Hitz FM where he was reacting to an earlier submission made by the music executive about how social media is not helping musicians.




Wei Ye Oteng’s comments were;

“TikTok and dance videos killing hits faster than we think”

In his reaction, Mr. Logic said;

“TikTok has now become a marketing tool.



You cannot put an audio (music) there and listen to it. It has to come along with a dance or a video.



How does dancing make a song short-lived? What are songs meant for?



When you release a song, what will be your first target? Is it not for people to listen to it and later dance or move to the song? So what is Wei Ye Oteng saying?



Wei Ye Oteng is an outmoded promoter. A modern promoter wouldn’t think like that.”

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