TRENDING: Nursing Training Students Fight Over Dining Hall Food As ‘ALLAWA’ Delays [Video]

A nursing school in Ghana had some of its students caught fighting over food.

After their allowances appeared to be delayed, with many people still waiting months for theirs, this happened.

These nursing students were shown in the video gathered around a large bowl of food, and each one of them fought valiantly to take some of the food.

Meanwhile, Captain Smart, a savvy Ghanaian journalist and program host, has discussed one of John Dramani Mahama’s best actions as president of Ghana. Captain Smart is also known as Blessed Godsbrain Smart.

He claims that the government’s actions when it first came into office, including the restoration of the nurses’ and teachers’ trainee allowances, are to blame for the poor state of the economy.

He continued by saying that the former president, John Mahama, did the right thing in canceling that allowance and that he did not believe it was necessary to restore it.

View the video here:

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