“Some of you are hypocrites” Don Jazzy blows hot (Video)

Music executive Collins Ajereh professionally known as Don Jazzy has lashed out critics.The Mavins singer observed that many people who vocally criticize items also buy them behind closed doors.A unsettling video of a slippery cucumber being used to promote a sexual product was previously shared by Don Jazzy.Many people criticized him for the video because they found it offensive.Don Jazzy slammed them, saying how many of them are hypocrites.


He claims that since his advertising, the brand has seen a significant increase in traffic.Don Jazzy said how he makes an effort to promote other people’s hustles or businesses by sharing their songs or comedic performances.However, many people choose not to download or stream the music, but as soon as they do, engagement increases threefold.


“Thus, I believe that some of you are hypocrites. I try my best to support other people’s ventures and side hustles every day by broadcasting their music or comedic sketches.


Some of you scroll through it without looking. That’s okay; if the topic didn’t appeal to you. That’s all right; we shall keep working hard. Now that I’ve posted “slippery cucumber,” the response has been insane.


Some people objected to the suggestion to “keep scrolling” if they didn’t like it.Don Jazzy is highly renowned for nurturing up-and-coming artists and for his charity endeavors.New musician Bayanni stated how Don Jazzy transformed his life, according to Kemi Filani news.


It has been reported that Bayanni, real name Abimbola Oladokun, is the newest musician to sign to Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records label.


Don Jazzy had previously declared that he had “activated” a new talent who goes by the name Bayanni. The young man had entered the Nigerian music scene thanks to the music producer’s platform.


Don Jazzy announced on his verified Instagram account that the aspiring musician had graduated from the Mavin Academy and was now ready to wow the world with his talent.


The beatmaker welcomed his new artist to the music industry in a skit that also starred Mr. Funny, aka Sabinus, and Brainjotter, two award-winning skit creators.In a recent interview, Bayanni described how a late-night communication from Don Jazzy fundamentally altered his life.


I can recall experiencing at least four nightmares in which I was in a session with Don Jazzy. When it eventually occurred, it felt familiar.


Around 2:30 in the morning on December 22nd, 2019, Don Jazzy DM’d me on Instagram. At around 5:30 a.m., I woke up from a restless night of sleep because of some reason, took up my phone, and noticed a direct message from Don Jazzy that read, “Bonjour.” I had to think about it for at least 15 minutes before responding. He claimed that after viewing my freestyle videos, he decided to contact me. I felt amazing when I first saw Don Jazzy! I realized there was no turning back at that point “explained .

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