[Shocking Video] SHS male student proposes to lady during assembly

Gayaza Students of St. Julian High School have shocked social media users with an exclusive video which is fast trending and having a lot of interactions

In the trending video clip, which is going viral shows a shocking moment as a male student was spotted kneeling down on one knee and seriously proposing to his fellow female student who said yes with others cheering.

It is normal for a guy to goes down on his kneel and make proposals to his crush, but what led this action of the guy going viral is the place he took such action

This yet to be named student went down on one knee and proposed to girlfriend live in the middle of the school ground, she said yes and passionately hugged him.

It was such a happy moment for the two as the teacher and the other students looked at them with cheerful faces

The video clip was shared on the school’s TikTok account and it went viral.

Later on, it was deleted probably on orders of the school.

Watch the video below

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