Reaction As Kumasi Chief Loses Control While Watching Big Ass Shaking On Borborbor At Funeral [Video]

Moments a Kumasi chief loses control while watching big Ewe ass’s shaking on Borborbor dance at a funeral.

This was when a Borborbor Band group called Edzordzinam Fafali Borborbor Band storm a funeral ground with another new dancing styles that will keep you entertained.

The chief who cont keep himself while watching the big ass’s shaking dzetugbilly loses control over their dancing styles.

Borborbor is a Ghanaian traditional dance performed by the “Ewedome” community. This “tribal” dance is thought to have originated in Ghana’s mid-Volta area.

This dance is usually done during “festive” events. Furthermore, this dance form is based on music that incorporates the use of “drums.” Additionally, the music for this dance is accompanied with “singing.” Furthermore, this type of dancing is primarily practiced in a group from dawn to nightfall.

The origins of this dance form are thought to have been rooted in the culture of a community called Wusuta near the Volta Lake in Ghana around the late 1940s. Francis Nuatro, an ex-police officer from the town of Kpando, was the first to invent the musical genre known as “Borborbor.”

Watch The Video Below:

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