Kumawood Director Apologizes To Agya Koo After 10 Years Of Blacklisting Him [VIDEO]

Agya Koo

Famous Kumawood director, Frank Fiifi Gharbin has rendered an apology to legendary comic actor Agya Koo after a ten-year feud.



Agya Koo and Frank Fiifi Gharbin reportedly got into a dispute after the infamous Okomfo Anokye film was shot.




After speaking with various elders at Manhyia Palace, director Frank Fiifi Gharbin urged him (Agya Koo) to go undressed and shoot a scene in the Okomfo Anokye film, but he declined.




After refusing to appear [email protected] in the film, Agya Koo claimed that Kumawood movie directors and producers plotted against him and barred him from prominent roles.




“Ike, I’m not here to explain or justify myself,” Frank Fiifi Gharbin declared on Ike De Unpredictable’s Angel Fm Entertainment Show. Because Agya Koo is my older brother, I must apologize.




While several directors and producers have attempted to resolve the conflict between Agya Koo and Frank Fiifi Gharbin, Frank Fiifi Gharbin stated on live radio that now is the ideal time to express sorry for their decisions and actions against him.




“I take full responsibility for everything that transpired during the filming of Okomfo Anokye Movie. The only thing I want to say to my brother Agya Koo is please forgive me so we can work together to build the Kumawood Movie Industry,” he continued.




Agya Koo was the finest actor and a legend in Kumawood and I was the best director in Kumawood, thus Ghanaians adore seeing Agya Koo movies I made.




“Abro, Ike De Unpredictable, Amandzeba, Dr Kwaku Oteng and other crew members who helped shoot Okomfo Anokye Movie Industry want Agya Koo to forgive me and accept me as his younger brother.




“We need collaboration, love, and togetherness to resuscitate Kumawood Movie Industry,” he continued.


Watch the video below;


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