Just in: Angry woman, Agnes Yankah bit fisherman’s p£nis.


A 35-year-old trader, Agnes Yankah has allegedly bit the p£nis of Kobina Emanu, a fisherman during a brawl.

The incident happened in Cape Coast, one of the big cities in Ghana

According to stories, Agnes Yankah, who is a trader had a misunderstanding with the victim and later resulted in fighting,

The shocking and interesting aspect of it is that Agnes, who was overwhelmed with anger, bit the p£nis of Emanu, a fisherman.

The issue reached the ears of Cape Coast Circuit Court, and the two were arrested for disturbing public peace.

According to reports we’ve gathered so far, the two have been granted bail by the court.

Agnes, who bit the p£nis of the fisherman has been granted a GHS 30,000.00 bail with two sureties earning not less than GHS3, 000.00

The two were arrested for publicly fighting and disturbing public peace. Emanu granted GHC10,000.00 bail with two sureties by a Cape Coast Circuit Court on Thursday.

They both pleaded not guilty to the charges of causing unlawful harm and disturbing public peace respectively and would re-appear in court on Monday, February 7, for trial to start.

Prosecuting, Inspector Emmanuel Annan told the Court presided over by Mrs. Dorinda Smith Arthur that Emanu and Yankah were engaged in fishing activities and spent most of the time at the Legion Hall seashore area.

The Prosecutor, however, said on Thursday, December 9, 2021, at about 0700 hours, Emanu returned home from his fishing expedition and used a bucket belonging to Yankah to fetch water to wash his canoe without her consent.
This resulted in a confrontation between them and the process, Emanu slapped Yankah, but they were separated.

The Prosecution said in a few minutes, Emanu who was angered by the turn of events became aggressive leading to another fight resulting in Yankah biting his p£nis.

He said Emanu, the fisherman bled profusely and was rushed to Ewim Polyclinic, where he was admitted, treated, and later discharged.

Yankah reported the case to the police and was issued a medical report form and after investigations, they were both arrested and charged.

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