Ghana Lacks Quality Players Due To Poor Transition – Agyemang Badu

Former Ghanaian midfielder Emmanuel Agyemang Badu believes the Ghana Senior National Team is short on quality players as a result of bad transition.

He claimed that, unlike in the past, when players were chosen based on their merit and level of play, today, anyone may be summoned to join the squad.

He claimed Ghana has no transition in place to choose players for the national team, in response to a query on what has been preventing the team from winning the cup for the past four years.

He informed host Isaac Worlanyo Wallace that the majority of Ghanaians are unaware of the existence of the Black Meteos.

Where are the players from Ghana’s Under-20 team who represented the country at WAFU?

“I have always grumbled about how we have selected players for the national team,” Emmanuel Agyemang Badu continued.

We went through all of the transitions during our time together. I was familiar with the terrain and with the desires of Ghanaians. Samuel Inkoom had a look at it. It was read by Dede Ayew himself. What is the point of transition? There is no break in the action. The changeover was experienced by Harrison Afful and Rabiu Mohammed, but there is no transition today.

He went on to say that any player, regardless of ability, is chosen to join the team because they scored a goal against a specific team.

The former Ghanaian footballer went on to say that the manner in which we changed coaches had an impact on our performance.

We can’t keep playing like this and expect to win a cup, according to the seasoned midfielder.

“As a result, the transition is difficult, as is the change of our coaches. The value would be the same if we didn’t quit.”


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