Flood, Police and invisible forces are Killing Ghanaians :Socialite Isaac Bozaglaa reveals

A few moments ago, TV3 posted a picture of the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta with the caption,” National Cathedral will pay off” Ofori- Atta assures. The post has attracted the attention of many Ghanaians and we believe our readers will need to know the situation as presented by these citizens.


A socialite, Isaac Bozaglaa, dropped a “bomb’ whilst many other social media users were complaining about the fact that the Cathedral should not be prioritized over the provision of schools, hospitals or jobs provision.


According to Isaac Bozaglaa, the government should give attention to providing solutions to floods, developing the Police Service, or dealing with issues of the invisible forces. Isaac mentioned that farmers are unable to buy fertilizers due to their high prices. He further advised that NABCO personnel are dying of hunger and their arrears must be paid.


According to Isaac, there are pressing issues that must not be neglected and the issue of the National Cathedral should not come until these issues are resolved. He advised that the poor in the country must be cared for and implored the government to uphold transparency and truthfulness. What do you make of the ongoing discussion?

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