Day I got N800k for looking good, by Ada La Pinky

Social media comedian, Ada Ebere, aka Ada la Pinky has claimed that an anonymous fan once gifted her the sum of N800,000 once just for looking good.

The humour merchant disclosed this in an exclusive chat with The Nation when asked how much she has received from admirers or persons who find her attractive.

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“I really can’t remember because they are like different people, they just say take money. I am not going to exaggerate though, I won’t lie,” she began. “I think I’ve gotten from an anonymous account and the person just said I like you and all that, it’s not that much but I have gotten like N800k, but after then we got talking.”

Ada la pinky further claimed to have received more saying that monetary gifts don’t guarantee any form of relationship with fans or admirers but in most cases, she and the person gets talking.


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