Comparing Aurien Tcoumeni with Jules Kounde’s statistics

Comparing Aurien Tcoumeni with Jules Kounde's statistics

The number of goals scored, the trophies won, and other personal accomplishments a player has accomplished all factor towards how well they perform on the field.

Jules Kounde and Aurien Tcoumani are both French athletes. In the Spanish top division, Tcoumani has joined Real Madrid, and Jules Kounde has joined Barcelona during this transfer window.

The following data compares Jules Kounde to Aurien Tcoumani:

Aurien Tcoumani started his professional career in French League One with AS Monaco.

He has 50 professional games under his belt, with 15 goals and 20 assists.

In his 25 games played as a central midfielder, he has won 25, lost 15, and tied 10.

Additionally, Jules Kounde has 90 games in his career with Sevilla. He has lost and won 40 games.

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