Brazilian Referee With Muscular Physique Causes Stir On Social Media

Normally, referees are not muscular, however, that is not the case for this referee who hails from the South American country of Brazil.

The name of this referee is Anderson Daronco and one would be tempted to say he really looks like a wrestler or heavy-weight boxer than a referee.

He is very muscular and after his photos went viral, many people have shared their thoughts about him. Check out his photos below;

Some reactions the photos have garnered are;

@AnishKumar___ – Imagine this refree in a match where zlatan and diego costa played against each other 😛

@2Ar60 – He looks like he is injecting synthol in his biceps lol

@adebayofemi07 – He’s the most jacked referee I’ve ever seen

@Louis_FPL – There’s something so out of proportion about the guy, but I can’t put my finger on it.

@august12th_ – Imagine this guy referring a match Diego Costa is in…😁😁

@SamDallasGooner – Son or Kane wouldn’t dare feign injury in front of him

@hasbaoui_yasser – If he points you a red card, don’t argue because he knows your best interest 😂😂

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