6 Worst Players In The History Of Football

Throughout the 21st century, we can remember some of the greatest players in Premier League history who ended up being the worst.




A number of players should not have been allowed to play in the Premier League in the first place.




These are the worst players in the Premier League because of their lack of talent, commitment, and fitness, making them a disappointment to their managers.



6.Theodore Nunez

When Sunderland paid £1.6 million to PAOK in 2000 for Honduran Milton Nunez, some think they got the wrong man.

Peter Reid is said to have intended to sign Adolfo Valencia instead of Nunez, which may explain why the Black Cats only used Nunez once.

5. Massimo Taibi

Peter Schmeichel was replaced by Taibi. He was paid $4.5 million by Manchester United. He gave up more goals than he kept.



Many goals were conceded by Massimo Taibi’s legs and fingers because of his buttery fingers. In his brief time with the Red Devils, he appeared in just four games



4. Antonio Nunez

As part of the transaction that saw Michael Owen move from Real Madrid to Liverpool in 2004, Antonio Nunez joined Liverpool.



While he didn’t score a single Premier League goal, the Spaniard left Anfield with a Champions League trophy after just one season.



3. Radamel Falcao



Is the Premier League at its most ridiculously decadent peak? At Manchester United, each goal scored by the Colombian striker cost the club about $5.2 million.


At Chelsea, each shot he took cost the club about $349,000 per shot. As one of the world’s best forwards, Radamel had re-established himself by this point.



It was only until these two mistakes were made that he was reduced to the lowest echelon of Premier League players in history, obscuring his horrific knee injury.


2. Bebe

Ferguson was persuaded to spend £7.4 million on Bebe by his assistant, Carlos Queiroz, in one of the most odd Manchester United buys ever.

At Old Trafford, the Portuguese winger looked every bit the winner.


1. Harry Maguire

When he arrived from Leicester, he was the most expensive and most valuable defender in the Premier League.


In addition to a string of successful wins, tackles, and shots while playing for Leicester City, he also displayed class while representing England.


His class was negatively impacted by his inability to adjust and play to the demands of the team. Man United’s worst Premier League player in the 2021/2022 season, thanks to his numerous own goals.

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